Wine, beer and cider

We've been working this year to make wine and beer shopping easier, with clear new signs that direct you to beloved varietals and popular regions. Our stewards are always happy to help with specific ideas, too — since we seek out small producers you might not spot your most familiar big brands, but we believe you'll be delighted. Salut!

Top picks for the season

Holiday recommendations

Red, white, beer or bubbles, we've got something to suit both your palate and your budget.

Current favorites

Our top picks highlight special offerings that suit the season and offer noteworthy value.

Quite the Find

Wines with our "Quite the Find" label stand out from the crowd, and are PCC exclusives.

Current specials

Here's where you can find a current list of particularly great deals.

Practical tips

How much?

How much to buy for your event? Figure about one glass per person per hour; you can expect to get an average of five glass from one standard 750 ml bottle.

How cold?

With fridge space at a premium during the holidays, rethink how cold you serve your whites and rosés. If you have an unheated basement, that's the perfect temperature; depending on the weather, a porch or outdoor cooler can suffice. For reds, it's best to keep them out of the kitchen while cooking — the room gets hot with the oven working overtime. Place them on the dining table or other cool room temperature surface.

If you're serving a sparkler, there's no need for an ice bucket. Serve it just as you would any white or rosé — cool, but not icy.

When to open?

It's an easy task for a family member or friend to take on: have them open the wine 30 minutes to an hour before sitting down to the meal.

Dessert wine cocktails

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