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Squash Turkeys

Fashion these birds with seasonal items such as squash and hearty greens to make a centerpiece that'll add spark to your holiday table. They're simple to make and there's plenty of room for improvisation based upon personal preference and your own imagination.


  1. Make the feathers — Determine which side of the squash will be the front or "face" of the turkey and then turn the squash around so the back is facing you. Take 4 to 6 hearty green leaves and assemble them in a fan shape. With a hot glue gun, apply glue to the bottom 2 inches of the greens (don't skimp on glue — it won't be visible) and stick the greens to the back of the squash. Hold the greens in place until they stay on their own.
  2. Attach the head — Take the shallot or garlic bulb and determine where you want the turkey head to sit on the front top of the squash. Using the hot glue gun, glue the shallot to the squash (or "body" of the turkey).
  3. Create the face — The cashew or almond is used for the beak of the turkey. Determine where you want to position the beak and then apply glue to one end of the cashew. Attach the cashew end to the shallot, so the beak extends out from the head. The black-eyed peas make up the eyes of the turkey. Apply glue to one side of each black-eyed pea and position the eyes on the shallot.
  4. Attach the gobbler — The sun-dried tomato serves as the turkey gobbler. Apply glue to one end of the tomato and attach it to the base of the shallot. Hold it in place until it stays on its own.

Note: You want a squash that will sit in place — it's best to choose one that has at least one side that's flat or stable and not prone to rolling over. However your squash does not need to be round. Choose a wacky-shaped gourd if you like! Have fun with the shape of your turkey.

Adapted by Andrea MacPherson

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Andrea MacPherson

Andrea MacPherson

As PCC's Kid Picks Coordinator, Andrea has seen first-hand how fun food can be. Andrea loves to get creative and introduce kids to new fruits and vegetables; her favorite is avocado.