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Apple Ladybugs


  1. Split the English muffin in half and spread both sides with peanut butter.
  2. Cut the apple into four wedges and clean out the core.
  3. Place two apple wedges on top of each English muffin. The apples should be arranged in a triangle shape.
  4. To make the ladybug’s face: Use raisins to make a quarter-sized circle in the gap between the apple wedges.
  5. To make the ladybug’s spots: Use more peanut butter to stick raisins onto each apple, however many “spots” you would like your ladybugs to have.

Adapted by Andrea MacPherson

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Andrea MacPherson

Andrea MacPherson

As PCC's Kid Picks Coordinator, Andrea has seen first-hand how fun food can be. Andrea loves to get creative and introduce kids to new fruits and vegetables; her favorite is avocado.