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Fun with food

Fun Food Projects with Kids

Food nourishes our bodies but it also can nourish our creative sides — especially at snack time. Get crafty with olives, hard-boiled eggs and other ingredients you already may have on hand!

Squash Turkeys

Fashion these birds with seasonal items such as squash and hearty greens to make a centerpiece that'll add spark to your holiday table. They're simple to make and there's plenty of room for improvisation based upon personal preference and your own imagination.

Olive Penguins

Create your own march of the penguins with these tasty, adorable appetizers that will liven up any party spread. All you need are olives, cream cheese and carrots.

Apple Ladybugs

Surprise someone you love with these "spot on" snacks that come together in a jiffy with the help of an English muffin, nut butter, a red apple and raisins.

Egg Mice

Transform snack time into playtime with these adorable new "friends."

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