Event requirements

Kid Picks at Seafair
  1. The PCC Kid Picks Mobile travels to locations within King County and south Snohomish County that are reasonably close to our stores.
  2. PCC takes into consideration each individual location that is requested.
  3. PCC does not bring the Kid Picks Mobile to licensed daycare centers for children under 5.
  4. Events are scheduled for a minimum of two hours. This includes time to set up and break down the event.
  5. For all events, PCC requires an estimated minimum of 40 children to participate.
  6. PCC staff usually selects the foods to be sampled; however, hosts may request specific food categories for their tasting event, such as produce.
  7. It is the host's responsibility to supervise the children attending the event.
  8. Children with food allergies or sensitivities must be accompanied by a teacher or parent.
  9. Hosts must notify PCC four weeks prior to a tasting if there will be any children who are unable to step up into the Kid Picks Mobile. PCC will set up a tasting station at ground level.
  10. For outdoor events, the Kid Picks Mobile requires a space that is at least 30 feet long, 12 feet wide and 13 feet tall.
  11. Except in the case of extreme weather conditions, the PCC Kid Picks Mobile will be at your event rain or shine. The Kid Picks Mobile has a colorful awning that extends out over the tasting area and keeps the rain out. If your event is cancelled due to inclement weather, PCC will make every attempt to accommodate your request for a PCC Kid Picks event on another date.

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