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National Organic Standards
Board meeting

The National Organic Standards Board and the National Organic Program will hold their first meeting ever in Seattle on April 26-29. Consumers, vendors and other organic stakeholders may attend or testify.

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Tuesday, April 26 – Friday, April 29
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (or later) all days

Red Lion Hotel on Fifth Avenue
1415 5th Avenue, Seattle

Tuesday and Thursday are dedicated to public testimony. Wednesday and Friday are slated for committee reports, discussion and voting.
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You may submit comments on individual recommendations either electronically or in-person at the meeting. Read a summary of the issues likely to be discussed at the NOSB meeting.

Submit comments electronically at until April 10, 2011. Under "Document Type," put a check in the "Notice" box. When "Meetings: National Organic Standards Board" shows in the lower portion of the page, click the "Submit a comment" bubble on the right.

You can sign up to testify before the NOSB at or by calling 202-720-3252.

The agenda will focus on animal welfare and rules on “outdoor access” for organic poultry. Aquaculture also may be debated — whether only vegetarian fish should be certifiable in land-based systems, or whether carnivorous fish, such as farmed salmon and cod, also should be certifiable in open-ocean net pens.

Learn more about these key issues in the Sound Consumer:

This is an unprecedented opportunity to witness the organic rule-making process.

Three key figures in the organic industry will join us as speakers at PCC's annual meeting on Tuesday, April 26. Liana Hoodes is director of the National Organic Coalition; Urvashi Rangan, Ph.D. is director, technical policy at Consumers Union and Michael Sligh, founding chair of the NOSB and Sustainable Agriculture Program director of the Rural Advancement Foundation International.

What questions would you like to ask these experts about organic standards? Submit your question by emailing

We will use some of your questions during the Q&A session at PCC's annual meeting.

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Since the first organic rule was proposed in 1997 — one that included GMOs, sewage sludge, and irradiation — National Organic Coalition (NOC) members have held a pre-NOSB meeting.

It’s open to organic consumers, vendors, growers and other stakeholders to observe or join often lively discussions. NOC’s agenda includes GE alfalfa and sugar beets, the 2012 Farm Bill, and the NOSB agenda.

This is a small, detail-oriented meeting and to attend you must RSVP by e-mailing

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