Canned tuna and other seafood


You may think fresh seafood is the best, but don't overlook canned and frozen varieties. They're often processed (canned or flash-frozen) right where they're caught, preserving their quality. So whether you have a hankering for a tuna salad sandwich or you want to add shrimp to your next stir-fry, we've got frozen and canned seafood to satisfy every seafood craving!

Canned seafood provides the same (and often better!) nutritional benefits as fresh or frozen, but is less expensive, is available year-round, and can be stored in the pantry for quick, easy meals.

As a partner with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, PCC has made sure that all our canned and frozen seafood meets the same strict standards for sustainability and health as our fresh seafood. Read more about our standards.

A sampling of our canned and frozen seafood:

  • Anchovies — Did you know anchovies are an excellent source of calcium and have more omega-3 fats per serving than wild salmon? They have a salty taste, often used to flavor sauces, but you can soak them in cool water to make them less salty. They're a low-calorie but filling little fish — five anchovies have nine grams of protein and only fifty-five calories. They're also low in contaminants, so add them to pasta or eat them plain on toast.
  • Sardines — Like anchovies, sardines also are high in calcium and one of the best sources of omega-3s you can eat. They're also low in contaminants and a tasty addition to pasta or salads, or whipped into a spread for crackers.
  • Tuna — Not all tuna is sustainable and healthy, but the varieties at PCC are! We carry albacore tuna from the Pacific Northwest. Because it's pole-caught, this tuna tends to be smaller, so it's much lower in mercury and other contaminants than the tuna you'll find in other stores. It's also super high in omega-3s, and it tops the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program's list of "Super Green" seafood.
  • Canned salmon — Canned wild Alaskan salmon has the same heart-healthy omega-3s as fresh, but is cheaper and ready to use in a flash.
  • Oysters — Thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac and a good source of iron, calcium and selenium, many people love oysters fresh. But try opening a can of smoked oysters for a satisfying snack!

Our canned tuna, mussels, oysters and salmon all are on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program's Super Green list, meaning they're low in contaminants, high in omega-3s, and completely sustainable.

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