Kitchen basics


The kitchen is the place where we cook, eat, and gather around good food — it truly is the heart of the home. This section will introduce you to the basics for becoming a proficient home cook and making the most of your kitchen.

  • Stocking the kitchen
    Learn tips for stocking your kitchen with all sorts of pantry staples, frozen vegetables and fruits, including our favorite — chocolate! Also discover how to use your refrigerator and freezer for optimal quality.
  • Cookware and kitchen tools
    Learn about basic (and not-so-basic) kitchen tools, the importance of choosing safe cookware and plastics, how to use parchment paper, and why microwaves are controversial.
  • Tips and techniques
    Improve your cooking knowlege by learning common kitchen terms, how to measure properly, cooking guidelines, knife skills and how to use slow-cookers and pressure-cookers.
  • Natural cleaning
    Learn about the eco-friendly cleaning products available at PCC, the truth about antibacterial soap and sponges, and how to make your own inexpensive cleaners.
  • Food safety at home
    From dairy and cheese to eggs and seafood, we’ll share how to store, prepare and serve food safely.