PCC Natural Markets unveils ChargePoint electric vehicle charging station at its Edmonds, Wash. store

(Seattle, Wash., December 22, 2011) — PCC Natural Markets (PCC), the nation's largest consumer-owned grocery retailer, has announced the availability of an electric vehicle charging station at its Edmonds, Wash. store.

"It's fitting that PCC's first charging station be located at our Edmonds location, the first grocery store in the nation to be both LEED® Platinum and Salmon-Safe Certified," said Tracy Wolpert, PCC's CEO. "The eco-friendly features inside and outside of our store are an appropriate backdrop for this new public service."

The Edmonds PCC charging station is available to customers and the general public 24/7. There is a 90-minute charging time limit and the usage fee is $2 per hour. On average it takes four hours to fully charge a vehicle; the purpose of the Edmonds PCC station is to provide drivers the opportunity to "top off," rather than fully charge, their electric vehicles.

The Edmonds PCC charging station is part of Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint® Network, the largest network of independently owned charging stations in the world. Drivers will enjoy the advanced features and benefits of the ChargePoint Network including 24/7 driver support, driver billing options and mobile phone applications that provide drivers with real-time station location and availability, turn-by-turn navigation, and charging status.

The stations are made available through Coulomb's $37 million ChargePoint America Department of Energy program and distributed in the Pacific Northwest region by Charge Northwest LLC.

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