PCC Natural Markets participates in "Going Green" panel on Seattle Channel's City Inside Out program.

Seattle, Wash., November 8, 2007 — "Climate Change and the U.S. Conference of Mayors" is the focus of the November 9 edition of City Inside/Out with C.R. Douglas, (The Seattle Channel, Cable TV station 21).

Highlights from the conference held on November 1-2 in Seattle, including appearances by former president Bill Clinton, former vice-president Al Gore, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and Seattle mayor Greg Nickels are featured, along with interviews with local entrepreneurs about why going green is good business.

Guests include Trudy Bialic, Public Affairs Director, PCC Natural Markets; Rob Martin, Vice President, Tully's Coffee Corporation; and Kevin Hagen, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, REI.

Watch the video. PCC's Director of Public Affairs Trudy Bialic and other guests begin around 6:30.

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