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About PCC

PCC Natural Markets began as a food-buying club of 15 families in 1953. Today, it's the largest consumer-owned natural food retail co-operative in the United States. PCC has ten stores in the Puget Sound region and is owned by more than 52,000 members who shop (along with thousands of non-members) in our neighborhood locations and value our commitment to:

  • Preserving high-quality food standards
    We have stringent standards for the products we carry. The local farmers and food vendors we partner with are directly accountable to our discerning staff, ensuring their products' quality, flavor and environmentally conscious production. For the quality standards for each of departments, explore our products.
  • Supporting local, sustainable agriculture
    We actively partner with local organic farmers to bring our customers the freshest, most delicious produce available. Many of the farms we work with are featured in our Producer Profiles. PCC is also a major donor to the PCC Farmland Trust, a non-profit land trust dedicated to preserving local farmland and moving it into organic production.
  • Celebrating food
    We provide programs that show our customers how to prepare the delicious foods we provide and encourage exploration when it comes to the world of natural and organic foods. Our PCC Cooks program features a wide variety of classes taught by professional chefs and experienced instructors and our Kid Picks program allows kids to taste and discover for themselves that natural and organic foods taste great.
  • Educating consumers
    Our staff of experts stay at the forefront of food industry and nutrition issues, working to shape policies related to food safety and earth friendly food production practices. These issues — and how they affect you and your family — are regularly reported on in our monthly paper, the Sound Consumer, in our PCC Advocates e-mail newsletter and on our Web site.
  • Embracing sustainability
    PCC has led by example in its operation as a sustainable business. And our focus on sustainability goes beyond the quality, purity and sourcing of our products. These sustained values of are also demonstrated in the vitality of our employees; the energy efficiency, waste management and air quality of our stores; our community outreach programs, and even our reusable shopping totes.
  • Building community
    Over the years, we've worked to cultivate relationships with the communities our stores serve, and organizations that share our co-op’s values and commitment to sustainability. Our Scrip, Donations and Food Bank programs all strive to meet the needs of our neighborhoods and improve our community.

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Did you know?

  • PCC has more than 52,000 members and is directed by a nine person board of trustees.
  • PCC started as a small food-buying club of 15 families in 1953.
  • PCC is the largest consumer-owned natural food retail co-operative in the United States.

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