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PCC 2011 Annual Report

A message from the CEO

Great expectations

PCC enjoyed another good year in 2011, reporting growth in all areas that define a thriving, retail business. But our co-op isn't just a business; we're a community of individuals who believe PCC exists to be more than profitable. Our members have "great expectations" for how we operate today and how we prepare for the future. Thanks to you — together with our employees, board of trustees, suppliers, community partners and shoppers — our co-op met expectations last year on several fronts.

Our members expect PCC to challenge and champion standards that protect both our food supply and the growers and producers who provide our products. Accordingly, last year we made a concerted effort to help inform National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) deliberations regarding organic standards. More than 1,400 members and shoppers participated in a PCC-initiated, ingredient-focused survey shared with the NOSB, and PCC board and staff members testified at the NOSB's April meeting. Another expectation met in 2011 was our energizing members to support local and national efforts to mandate labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food. That effort is ongoing but, in partnership with the Non-GMO Project, we are making significant progress towards providing consumers what they need to make informed choices about products containing GMO ingredients.

Our members expect PCC to be a community leader and to be an example of how a business can be successful while following practices that protect people and the planet. In 2011 we sponsored or partnered with more than 60 like-minded organizations, helping to make a wide range of values-based and education-focused events and programs possible. Our rechargeable scrip program alone benefited directly 184 schools and community organizations.

Our members expect PCC to be a trusted source of information and to share what we know and learn with integrity and transparency. Last year our co-op educated shoppers and the public using a variety of traditional and social media, our own published and online resources, and product information in every store aisle. As always, our member newspaper, the Sound Consumer, reported on issues that impact the health of our shoppers and communities.

Our members expect PCC to grow responsibly, selecting new store locations that have high potential for financial success and, just as importantly, for attracting new members who share our values and new shoppers looking for better access to healthful, delicious and affordable food. In 2011 we announced the location of our tenth store in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle. We look forward to a late 2013 or early 2014 opening of that location and are well-positioned to pursue other growth opportunities, as well.

We all should have great expectations of and for our co-op. Efforts to meet them are what have kept our business solid and our community outreach strong after almost six decades. Our values and you, our members, are our core strengths. Together we can expect a great future for PCC — this coming year and beyond.

Tracy Wolpert
CEO, PCC Natural Markets

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