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PCC 2008 Annual Report

A message from the CEO.

2008 was a year of growth and accomplishment for our co-op, marked by sales in excess of $133 million, the opening of our ninth store, and unprecedented community involvement. We ended our fifty-fifth year in business on solid financial ground, well-positioned for continued success.

The highlight of 2008 was the September opening of our store in Edmonds, Wash. Our presence in this new market had been eagerly anticipated by that community and the introduction of PCC’s offering of natural and organic products and outstanding customer service, in our most eco-friendly store yet, was greeted by enthusiastic opening crowds and strong sales.

The launch of the Edmonds PCC was just one of many achievements that strengthened our triple bottom line, enriched the value of PCC membership, and made 2008 worthy of celebration. Throughout the year we experienced continued positive response to our member benefits program that resulted in the return of more than $2.6 million in discounts to members, an increase of 18.9% over 2007.

Support from all PCC shoppers made it possible for our consumer outreach and education programs to grow in scope and impact. Our PCC Cooks, PCC Food Bank, PCC Kid Picks, PCC Rechargeable Scrip and PCC demo programs are all examples of established programs that have proven timeless in their popularity and value to the communities we serve. New last year were two well-received enhancements in communications between PCC and our supporters. We launched PCC Fresh, our monthly electronic newsletter, and added social networking options through which we interact with customers via online media on a wide range of topics.

In all we do, PCC is an advocate for the consumer. Last year we made headlines with announcements that PCC had banned all products containing ingredients from cloned animals and their offspring, and that we expect serious movement within the natural foods industry towards full disclosure of product ingredients. Just as important were our several public statements, made by letter and editorially in our member newspaper, the Sound Consumer, regarding issues and policies critical to our communities and our industry. PCC members can take pride in our co-op’s relentless attention to matters of food security, product quality, consumer health, and environmental stewardship, as well as in our comprehensive procedures for keeping customers and staff informed, that collectively have earned the trust we value above all else.

The year ended with the economy, locally and nationally, in a serious downturn that will need time and prudent fiscal management to navigate successfully. Thanks to the ongoing support of our members, staff and suppliers, we are confident that our co-op will continue to prosper by offering the high quality natural and organic products our customers expect from their neighborhood PCC for many years to come.

Tracy Wolpert
CEO, PCC Natural Markets

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